Sunday, 7 June 2015

Summer Fete Sodley-on-Sea

The Sodley summer fete annual 'Vegetables that look like a cock prize' is attracting more visitors each year and Sodley Council are happy to encourage it.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Friday, 8 May 2015

Stabbing At The Kebab Shop 2015

You may notice it's the chap from my first picture of Sodley-on-Sea. It's all very sad. HERE . You may also notice that the Kebab shop is next to the White Lion pub HERE once I get a map made it will help getting your bearings.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Fuck Dragon's Den.

Good ideas don't need a telly programme. If I had one musical bone in my body I would upload it HERE and get me a single and you can too Pop Pickers. Pop pickers, that wasn't one of uncle Jimmy's sayings was it? Can you still say Pop Pickers?
I reckon this idea could be as big for muso's as blurb is for photographers. And of course it's come from here in Manchester. If self publishing has been the big news over the last few years then go HERE to the new kid on the block and self record deal.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Hens, Sodley-on-Sea 2015

The girls from HERE are out and about in Sodley enjoying the sun. I don't think it will be the last we see of them.....

Sunday, 8 March 2015

The Manchester Mafia presents.......

The Manchester Mafia are once again bringing us The Manchester International Festival! Reuniting chums Hans Ulrich Obrist, Maxine Peake, Bjork, legendary Mancunian Damon Albarn, Peter Saville (no relation to Jimmy) and the oldest swinger in town Dave Haslem. All together again for another money spinning year.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Ed Watts Does William Eggleston.

It's about time Manchester Photography did a post about a Manchester photographer. It's Ed Watts I'm referring to. I'm sure a lot of you know him. He's been organising photo related stuff at The Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester and further afield with gems such as The Alternative Camera Club, Roast Beef and such like for ages.
Here though I'm interested in what he's been up to with his own photography. The above picture, that even the most photographically illiterate provincial council art gallery curator should spot is William Eggleston's 1973 piccy Greenwood Mississippi.
Watts, and I'm going to call him that rather than Ed so that I sound more impartial and professional, has been thinking about this photo for years. I can testify that he has wanted to recreate that space for donkey's. Well thanks to the folk at this years FORMAT Festival he's going to build that ceiling as a life size installation/sculpture and invite others to photograph this iconic scene. I wonder if that room was ever photographed by anyone else? It's so famous a ceiling but it's the only photo I know of the place which is unusual because as we all know photographers love to photograph the same thing over and over again. Just look at that canal/river in Hackney, I'm sick of the fucking sight of it.
Anyway Ed, I mean Watts is going to give all of us photographers the chance to photograph that red ceiling again and again and again and we can flood the internet with shit loads of versions of it so when we next type in Greenwood, Mississippi 1973 we will get the same but different.
As I said in the last post too many photographers call themselves photo artists without doing anything more than point and shoot. Watts is screwing that notion up with this piece.

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Greg Stimac

Every now and then I get sent a link to a photographers work. Mostly I love it when that happens and I'm always a little bit flattered, but what do you do when your not that keen on their stuff? What is the correct internet protocol?
 I do one of two things. Pick the picture I like most from their website and post a link to said website and that's your lot or I do nothing and delete the email.
Now this might make me seem like a bit of a cunt but at least I don't make up a bollocks submission policy make you jump through hoops, say I'll get back to you in a few months and then fuck you off anyway.
None of those problems though with Greg Stimac Greg just sent me a link through to his website. No explanation no artist statement or project statement (in 100 words or less) just a link. And I'm so glad he did. I've been aware of his work for a while and I already had a link to his website in my links list so fuck knows why I've not posted about him before. Sometimes you think you've done something and you haven't like feeding the cat or posting about a really interesting artist like Greg.
Greg is that rarest and most interesting of photographic artists one that uses other things in his work as well as photos. Take for instance the above 3D work. No info on the website about this other than the materials it's made out of, the boots are real (size 12) and they contain asphalt and truck bed liner. Get on the road Jack.

There's a lot of the American road trip references in Greg's work. It's a big American thing isn't it the road trip? The pull of the open road especially for American photographers. It is for them what the seaside is for English photographers and what pissed mentally ill people are for Eastern European photographers.
 It's not a celebration of all things American with Greg's photos though. There's a cynicism running through his work that I love all the more because it's so hard to normally find in American photography. Even when American photographers are showing the under belly of the country I always seem to be left with a sickly feeling in my mouth like I've eat to much of that maple syrup shit they love. It's a kind of romanticism especially for the landscape that they just can't seem to resist.
Greg resists and represents The Great American Road Trip with bottles of piss. Brilliant. I hope America gets his work, if not he should move here to the UK because we'll love it.

Friday, 20 February 2015

Hen Weekend, Sodley-on-Sea 2015

My latest diorama. I think Sodley is the kind of town that would attract hen do's. When I was rummaging about on the internet I found this B&B and thought it looked fantastic. It's in Blackpool and gets really good reviews so it became the inspiration for my B&B. Although I think my B&B  Cluney View  would get less fantastic reviews.

All source material courtesy of Google images and of course the good folk who uploaded photos to the internet.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Jerwood/Photoworks Awards 2015

 I'm sure there used to be another photo prize with Jerwood in the title? Anyway this Jerwood prize has announced this years winners and they are, Joanna Piotrowska, Tereza Zelenkova and Matthew Finn who's picture is shown below because his series Mother is to a simple soul like me, the most accessible.

More details about the prize and winners HERE.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

It's Competition Time !

This just in from Manchester Uni....

The Sustainable Consumption Institute (SCI)
  Call for Entries
  The Sustainable Consumption Institute (SCI) Photography Competition 2015 is a juried competition that invites submissions from students, academics and members of the general public. Entrants are asked to submit (a maximum of three) images that depicts the social organisation of ordinary and habitual everyday practices in which consumption takes place and how they relate to  changing infrastructures, policy and power.
All shortlisted entrants will have their work mounted and displayed in the offices of the Sustainable Consumption Institute. Both the winner and runners-up will receive a cash prize (1st prize £100; 2nd prize £50, 3rd prize £50 plus 2 x runner ups @ £25 each) and also feature on the SCI website.
The competition begins on the 1st February and closes for entries 1st April 2015
To upload your image(s) please click on the link below:
Please find attached a flyer giving more details of the competition which can be printed and placed on noticeboards within your area.
Susan Hogan| Institute Manager | Sustainable Consumption Institute | School of Social Sciences   |  Faculty of Humanities  |  188 Waterloo Place, Oxford Road|  The University of Manchester, UK M13 9PL  |  Tel : (0044) (0) 161 275 4030
For the latest news on SCI activities visit our website at

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Sometimes I Bloody Despair Of Photographers.....

You may have seen this story and image floating around social media. It's a tale of a painter who's used a photo he's seen as the starting point for a painting he's made. Photographer finds out gets pissed off and thinks "nice one I can make a quid I'll sue the fucker"  it goes to court. It's a bit like the Richard Prince type thing only this time the photographer wins. Art world is a bit miffed, freedom of artistic expression they cry, conservative photo world declares victory for copyright and the status quo. Anyway you can read the tale and common sense comment HERE
Now you may be thinking that I'm having a go at the photographer Katrijn Van Giel well I'm not. It's a strong portrait that's been appropriated by a well known successful artist so I understand their reaction, although in this case I think both the photographer and the law are acting daft. If it was one of my pictures and a top artist like Luc Tuymans decided to use one of my photos I would not only be chuffed to death but I would also milk it like fuck. Still Van Giel is quids in.
It's not a good decision for art though and the reaction from a lot of folk in the photography world just shows their plain ignorance and lack of understanding when it comes to issues being raised by contemporary art. This worries me (as far as photography goes but not like global warming or the new bus lane on the East Lancs Road) because it's some of the movers and shakers of the photography world who think this is a victory. 
I copied the below post from someone on facebook. I've not said who it is so I hope they won't sue me over copyright.

"You can see from my photos that I brave the elements to make them-I am up in the middle of the night, or early morning- or outside in the very cold. They are my point of view- the way I see things - my work and the photographs are the end result, unless I want to do something else with them. I am always talking about how much I resent painters saying they want to paint my photograph. I think painters should find their own subject matter- and go out and take photos if they use photos as inspiration. I think, I can paint my own photograph, but other's should not. I get testy. Of course I have no control when I post them. The choice seems to be that my photographs get seen every few years in a gallery setting, and they are seen no where else, or I post them online, and obviously, I chose to post them. It is, to me, a question of morals, integrity and originality"

PS I just saw this!